Mission Statement


The Office of the General Counsel serves as legal counsel to the University of Central Florida Board of Trustees, acting for and on behalf of the University as an institution. Legal services are provided to the Board of Trustees and to the President, the Provost, vice presidents, deans, unit heads, and other representatives of the University acting in their capacity as employees. The Office of the General Counsel also serves as legal counsel to the University’s Direct Support Organizations.

The mission of the Office is to facilitate and advance the education, research and service missions of the University, by providing legal counsel designed to minimize the risk of adverse legal and financial consequences that can result from failing to adhere to applicable law and regulations or avoid undertaking high-risk activities without sufficient safeguards.

The Office serves the University by:

    • acting as a collaborative resource for informed decision-making and creative problem-solving;
    • providing legal advice and educating University personnel about legal requirements and risks through consultations and training;
    • reviewing University contracts and other commercial activities, as directed by the University;
    • representing and advocating for the University in judicial and other proceedings;
    • keeping abreast of legislative, regulatory, and legal developments to ensure University compliance and to stay ahead of key developments affecting higher education at large;
    • coordinating the provision of legal services for the University, whether through the Office, or through outside legal representatives, to ensure efficiency, cost containment, and
      quality of service.

    • to be a valued and trusted partner; recognized for our creativity, expertise, and commitment to achieving client objectives;
    • to promote legal compliance and minimize legal risk in a way that does not unnecessarily delay the achievement of the University’s objectives; and
    • to maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity, avoiding conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof.