The General Counsel’s Office represents the university in all forms of litigation and/or legal disputes including lawsuits, administrative hearings, bid protests, arbitration, mediations, contract disputes, etc. Although the General Counsel’s chief responsibility is to represent the university, the OGC also provides representation for individual employees who have legal actions brought against them for actions they have taken that were within the course and scope of their employment.

The Office of the General Counsel is responsible for providing a full range of legal services to the university. Attorneys work in a variety of practice areas across campus, including the College of Medicine and the Office of Research and Commercialization. Practice areas include labor and employment, business matters, contract review, intellectual property, healthcare, athletics, conflicts of interest, public records, rules and regulations, student and faculty issues, and litigation.

The Office of the General Counsel is available to provide legal advice to faculty and staff on issues relating to university business. We are not authorized to render personal legal advice to faculty or staff.

No, we are not authorized to render legal advice of any kind to students. Students may contact Student Legal Services at (407)823-2538, located in Ferrell Commons, Suite 155.

Please call us at (407)823-2482 or email us at gcounsel@ucf.edu

The university’s policy can be found here (Policy 2-107)
Please see our Legal Services page for a list of personnel who have authorized signature authority.

Subpoenas can be served here in our office Millican Hall, Suite 360.

Please contact our office (407)823-2482 so that we may assist you.

No, only the Office of the General Counsel has the authority to retain outside counsel.

The list of attorneys includes each attorney’s area of practice. If your question does not fall within those areas, please contact us and we will assign the matter to an appropriate attorney.

Please see our Legal Services page for more information on public records requests.

If you have any questions regarding which contract would best fit your procurement, please contact the Office of the General Counsel at contracts@ucf.edu and we can assist you. We also have several templates available for specific types of agreements. Additional questions regarding Procurement and Contracts can be found here Procurement and Contracts FAQ